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Mark Bullard

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Jan 26, 2004
I am building a scale and are in need of some detail pictures of the driver's cockpit and engine. The boat I am doing is the 1968/1969 Bardahl. I know that this boat has been done a lot. But I got to see it run those years in Guntersville, Alabama. What a beautiful boat running to see in person. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks
Most of my pictures are of the engine, but this one shows the cockpit.

Lohring Miller
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Lohring, when was that picture taken? I only ask as if it was taken after the museum got the boat, that dash may have been changed. It is a great reference shot and I wouldn't have an issue with a boat built with that dash configuration, more a case of curiosity getting the better of me
Why do you think I said I had no problem with it being original or not before someone else asked for a break? As I said, I was curious as to when the shot was taken, while it was still in it's former home, a store in downtown Seattle, or at the HARM. I know that the restored boats often have reconfigured dash boards due to lack of documentation on the original arrangement. For an example, the Pak originally had a raised shock mounted orange dash , now it's either unpainted aluminum or black. Everyone that's seen that particular boat knows its not all original, hell even the right sponson's been replaced with a molded FG one that's 4" wider than when originally built after Acapulco, where E. Milner Irvin spun out the boat trying to avoid the upside down Atlas and severely damaged the sponson in the process.
Well if you love scale you'll make everything look original the best you can. That even means the dash. Some people love intricate detail whether the judge looks at it or not to me would be a mistake of the judge by not looking at all the details
Mark, I think the Notre Dame that Steve Ball ran successfully was the same Karlsen Hull as the 1968/1969 Bardahl. Most models of this hull were notorious flyers. Maybe Steve can help you with setup data as his boat ran exceptionally well. JB
Good note Jerry, (hope you are well)

The first time I saw Steve's scale run I was like.. "I just saw something special". Man that guy can tune a boat!


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