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Boats For Sale Brand New 3.5 Tunnel Boat


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If you’re interested in the boat, I would throw in the K&B 3.5 motor that I have.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll post up some photos of the engine.


Ronnie King
NAMBA #2223
Hi Steve,

See pic attached, motor has smooth bearings and good compression & pinch.

I have quite a few K&B spare parts and extra engines as well so if you have an interest in those let me know.



Both 200.00 & 400.00 offers shipped will be fine.

PayPal is “[email protected]” F&F or add 3% please.

I am headed to the NAMBA Nationals so it would be October 17th before I could ship them. You can wait to pay until then if you prefer.


Ronnie King
NAMBA #1223
214 502 5064 Cell-Text

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