3D Wing Strut Bracket


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Got mine today!
Fine metallic gray in color... Extremely stiff. Should hold up to some banging and knocking!
Pins to go thru the loops would look nice. Maybe some safety wire clips to go thru the ends of the larger pins???
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Not sure if Kens post likes the bracket or not. Adding additional parts to it would also add to cost. However pif you are not completely satisfied with it please return for refund.
Oh, I like it! I like it!! ...but, when you're detailing something... You don't do just one thing and stop. Some people may want to... The bracket IS THE MAIN THING. That's far more appealing than NOT having a bracket!! My choice would be to make the pins and safety clips a separate package. With several pins and safety clips. Not everyone is going to want to do that much detail. Others may like to do them a different way. For those that do want the pins and clips, extras would be nice! Probably I would say, a necessary factor since they would be easy to drop and get lost. My self, I would prefer the pins be chromed plastic. Or, even polished aluminum despite the weight. The contrast in color/finish alone would tend to draw your eye to the details!! Others would just throw a couple cap screws and acorn nuts and be done with it. Heavier, yet. Just thinking out loud...
You're not prying them out of MY HANDS!!!