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    Novarossi Update

    Hey Joe, I was before sometimes to visit at companies; Moki in Budapest Picco in Monza Rossi in Brescia Novarossi in Monticelli Brusati CMB in Milano I had seen the production of engines that those similar of search of gold with many know how but just for people with passion. Thank you
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    Hi Gentl, Has anyone experience with forged aluminium? Is there maybe any source for this kind of material? (for example to Conrod, I made some before from used original airplane propeller) https://www.as3performance.co.uk/yamaha-yz-80-85-1994-2020-forged-aluminium-gear-change-lever/ Thanks
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    Novarossi Update

    That's huge gold nugget
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    Old RC Boat Magazines (SOLD)

    Hi Ron, Thanks for your offer of some pieces of american dreams.
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    F/S MAC'S 13 cc and OPS 3,5 cc muffled pipes

    Hey, I'm open to any idea, of the prices. Thanks
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    WTB. CMB35RS

    The list price of pipe is € 240 Mount € 78 Don't forget your discount If you want the complete package, I can check the shipping cost to you. Thx
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    What Flex Cable Grease are you using?

    Quicksilver/Mercury 2-4-C is the best if you want it.
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    WTB. CMB35RS

    Hi Darryl, Here is the price on stock; ($ 2100) https://okey100.com/cmb-35rs-35cc-gasoline-marine-engine-motor_g697.html My price is for the same $ 1680 (I have motor mount and silenced pipe too) Cheers
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    F/S - K&B 7.5 Outboard

    You have to log in at RC groups fast. (I think SOLD)
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    F/S - K&B 7.5 Outboard

    Hey, Look at this; https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3733881-K-B-7-5-Outboard
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    WTB. CMB35RS

    Hi, I have a new 35RS in box with muffled pipe on stock. It's minus 20% from the list price add USPS shipping. Cheers (It was planed for my new dragster 45" mono, so I could switch to CMB27)
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    The beast is back

    100% Calcraft but I don't know, is there the under site of strut round or flat
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    F/S MAC'S 13 cc and OPS 3,5 cc muffled pipes

    OPS 3,5 cc Speed pipe (Part No.392) was never used I'm asking $ 60 additonal shipping USPS with tracking number $ 11 Have a nice day Thanks http://www.mantuamodel.com/OPS/catalogo/OPS_3e5_Speed_SPA.pdf
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    F/S MAC'S 13 cc and OPS 3,5 cc muffled pipes

    Hi, I have here for anybody two excellent and rare pipes. MAC'S 13 cc pipe (Part No. 389) was only tested once and with cooling jacket and header for P80 (the original P80 header is also in the package) I'm asking $ 149 additional shipping USPS with tracking number $ 28...
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    Propellers from asia...

    I'll try to understand this in my gameplay time Thanks