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JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

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6 hours ago, Buckshot said:

It was absolutely terrible....All I had to adjust was the turn fin slightly. :blink:

:lol::lol: Welcome aboard to the JAE and Flat plane Technology.....  The icing on the cake is it didn't cost you mega $$$$ to experience the boat......

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On ‎12‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 7:48 AM, Butch Londrigan said:

untitled.png.f51ebda0ffcb9d4d68a4c3baa1279c62.pngI have the 1st set on my gt and it runs good. It is fussy on the launch. Building a new gt now with the new sponsons and angled motor. Justin as for bad customer  service with Joe at zippkits I have never had a problem. I bet if you call him he will send you the new sponsons


Buckshot if I may ask. What props did you test with?

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This is Nicks new boat. I used the original Jae sponsons and built a new tub , 2” longer, for him. Runs and handles much better than the original. Still tuning with the new CMB vac. I guess these would be the first version of the sponsons, they are 3 yrs old.

Under 4 # rtr




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