X/F-Hydro All Carbon Time Trial Rigger


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Got some test time in Saturday with the TT boat. Switched over to the blue head 91 VAC and ran a couple tanks through to break the motor in. She is still rich in these videos. New turnfin helped.

Thanks for sharing! That looks like fun!!!!!! Cool watering hole.
Hey Terry, the new fin is working much better but I think I still need a little steeper leading edge to reduce more lift. Or I need to modify the lift characteristics of the sponsons. It turns exceptionally well almost too good. I am thinking the next design will have a shorter chord length in addition to the steeper leading edge.

I think the speeds here are in the low 70's with the 2719. I did not lean the needle, but no where near the speeds I need to chase Martin down. I need to be in the mid 90's.