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Boats Wanted WTB Lynx 3.5


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You guys need to start your own thread if you’re looking to buy something. Gary you should know better than you ever post one one of my threads!! I haven’t passed now did I even imply I was passing on it!!!
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No issue with you Ronnie, before I was able to edit my post I lost internet. I away until Sunday but if you sever me your number I’ll call you then. We have very spotty service offshore
As the title says. Hull only must be in great shape. Thanks
Hull and cowling only? This is a first. Kenny Mudd owns the molds to that boat and plans to supply them to this hobby for yall. I will let him know that you have apparently found a deck in perfect shape and you just need a hull and cowling to go with it. I can only guess what he is going to say about that.
Come on Carl, not everyone is out to get ya. Dude just wants to buy a lynx. No radio or motor.......
Clearly Carl thinks I’m up to something which I don’t get since I’ve never had any interaction with him before. Not to mention he didn’t even oan the molds, so this is how it’s going to go. Carl Van Houton, if you’ve got some beef with me then say so right here right now!! Otherwise tell me how me trying to find a boat has anything to do with you?! If you somehow own these molds or are in partnership with the owner and you have an issue with how I said what I wanted then clearly I DONT need to buy a boat or anything from you as there are PLENTY of other options for tunnels!
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