Twin Rigger Shootout March 9 - 10


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Tom Foley

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Oct 27, 2005
Looks like the race is open for entry as a District 3 race . Go to RC Racing Events. Pic for attention.


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The Tough Guy Race Team will be signing up this week. Planning on bringing 4 - 67 hydros, 3 - 45 hydros, 1-21 hydro, 2 twins & 2 gas entries. We will definitely need some quality pit help with this DSM only option in B & C Hydro..
Catchy name Mark! You and Chad definitely fit the bill. Best of luck with the race, not that you need it .
Thanks Tim. Tough Guy was an nickname given to my father by a his closest boating friends. Also, Dad & I always looked to see who was in our heats to determine who's the "Tough Guy" to beat. It was & still is a tool used for something to measure mini success at the races.
Thanks to the crew at Brandon model boaters as well as Eric and Kelly Canto and our guest CD's for keeping the race moving and fun ! some of the color commentary from Eric and Paco was great ! Retrieve boat drivers Chris and Jeff were fantastic !! I'm totally shot and have promised myself to never run 6 boats again!!

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