Them duke boys are at it again....


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10/10 for the airtime...
2/10 for sticking the landing.....

Either that, or he was rubbernecking the accident scene..
If he survived, he's lucky the ramp was down..that would have been one hell of an impact if the ramp was up...
I like the way the guy in the yellow fluro jacket just right of the tow truck moves when he sees what is coming. Nerves of steel !
I understand a 21 year old girl.. she is very messed up.. critical care and can not speak.


Where I live in Australia if somebody bumps into, drives into or trips on something really obvious they are usually met with the derisive comment "charter boat - what charter boat ?" which refers to an infamous TV ad for RACQ boat insurance. The short ad features a guy in his backyard next to his small boat explaining how RACQ insurance was invaluable when he ran into a (much larger) charter boat. His wife is in the background collecting her laundry from the clothesline and making comments throughout. In the end she can be seen blindly, flailing around the backyard with a towel over head exclaiming "charter boat what charter boat?".
Google it or watch on youtube - it's priceless !

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