Stainless Steel high performance glow plugs


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I was able to test the new SUPERACE line of glow plugs from Rossi yesterday at the SOWEGA pond and with Al Hobbs and Drew & Trey St. Amant in attendance.
We tried them in my JAE .21 with a K-21, CMB Carb and CMB Nitro pipe burning 60% home brew w/18% Klotz.
  • Initial run was made with my normal ODO-287T to make sure everything was ok with the boat.
  • Second run was with the RS6. With no change to the needle the performance was nearly identical. No issues at all.
  • Third run was with the RS5. Again, no change to the needle but the engine note was a little crisper and maybe a few more RPM.
We were able to sit down with Mr. Rossi and his son in Venice a few weeks ago and they explained that these new plugs have a different compound of wire to the previous generation of plugs and that they thought it was much superior, they were correct. I had issues with the R6's of the past not standing up to the punishment I gave them, the new SUPERACE plugs pasted the test!
Mr. Rossi said that they could possibly make these available in a standard (non-turbo) version as well.
Once Mr. Hobbs iron's out the details with the Rossi's he will chime in on availability and pricing.

Real & Honest testing results.

Rossi Plugs.jpg
What is the interest in stainless steel high performance glow plugs?

In a couple of weeks I will meet with a manufacturer that plans to produce stainless steel glow plugs. I expect them to be priced higher than standard glow plugs.

What is the interest for these plugs? If no one wants to try them, of course I will not import them.

Al Hobbs
depends on price but I'm down to try a few...
the days of the 1.25 plug are sadly gone. Its exciting to hear about this new element wire though. That's a great step forward.
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