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Parts For Sale Nitro pipes #1


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Joe Wiebelhaus

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Apr 1, 2005
45 pipes, all makes and sizes, $30.00 each, buy 4 pipes on post 1 or 2 Ill pay shipping, lower 48 only.
If you need specific dimensions lmk
paypal [email protected] Ill need a addy to figure out final cost, pm it to me
Black pipe sold to Jeff Lutz
1&3 Sold to Frank P
9 & 10 to Kent Fowler


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I'll take #9 and #10

PM sent
Frank (wasted wages) ,Dave,.. I'm sorry I didn't mean to step on your thread for the pipes ,I didn't realize until after I already did the deed .
If you get the answer you're looking for and want those pipes I am more than willing to step down ,again Im sorry did not mean to run over your possible purchase.