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Mark Anderson

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Nov 22, 2002
At the NAMBA Nats last year Doug Twaits Jr. planted an evil thought in my head. Build a 90 boat out of one of my gas hydros. Later Mark Grim offered some thoughts on the idea. That thought festered for a while and at some point turned into a plan. We will see tomorrow how good of an idea it really was. It is my gas boat with a new tub. CMB M line RS3 1.01 power. It came out at 10lbs 7oz vs. 11lb 13oz for the gas boat. Mark Grim has a boat that he switches from gas to nitro. With a small change to the nitro tub and a new gas cowl I could run 3 classes with the same boat when traveling. I think some new molds are coming soon.20240531_092026.jpg20240531_092046.jpg20240531_092011.jpg
Great looking boat I like the the cowl for the nitro motor as if you had a rear exhaust gas motor there’s a cowl for it.Do you have pictures with the cowl off?