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Feb 6, 2024
Hello, my name is Jaylen Marlow ever since I can remember my parents took me to the mini gold cup in impba district 2. Over the years I have taken an interest in model boating and I am deciding to finally start. A couple years back I bought a ready to run Traxxas Spartan to get started but, now I have began to look into gas and nitro boats and once I get used to it plan to join a club and start racing.
Welcome Jaylen hope to see you at a impba D2 races I'm in northern Michigan but I belong to the Saginaw Bay club it's 1 1/2 hr drive for me but worth it great club great guys besides district racing we have a club race schedule where we get together and race and practice my name is Jeff Barnes look me up if you come around
Jaylen, D2 has a great group of guys we are all ready and willing to help, as Jeff said we have a racing Saginaw plus the Saginaw club has many club races throughout the year which are a blast then we have of course the mini Gold cup which is held in Burton we have races in Monroe Michigan Rochester hills Michigan and there's a few peppered in Indiana and Ohio if you want to travel can't go wrong joining the Oakland wolverine model boat club or the Saginaw club of course you have to become a impba member also to race it all you can check out their website at