NAMBA Dist 3 Nitro / FE Series Races Florida


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Yup, finally back in Jax, home to a nice holiday cookout at or good neighbor Brad's house.
Ken, Eric, Kelly, Greg and Ron for hosting this kewl event. Many thanks to them, Ralph & Gaby for your work.
Bill & Tom, always a pleasure playing model boats with you two.
Ken Haines, awesome sport-40 heat,enjoyed it
After the numerous phone calls I would say that everyone had a great time at the Gas Relief Nitro / FE Series Race. This was the first one held and we did not know how the turnout would be. This Race was a great race and I would like to thank everyone that not only helped but to the participatints with out you this could not have happened. So I would like to say thank you to everyone that attended this first Gas Relief Nitro / FE Race and I am looking foward to the next one we will have in this series. As this one day race produced 109 boats and I would say that was great attendance for this race being the first one.
Thanks again to everyone.
Ron Drake