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Apr 14, 2007
The Gang at Me Time would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped us to build this business over the last 3 1/2 years. It would be impossible to name all the people who have supported us through sponsorships, memberships, monetary donations as well as donations of time and effort. The boating community has become our family and it is still our continued goal to promote this hobby and help it to grow.

We are aware that many people are suffering financially with the current economy and unfortunately Me Time is no exception. We have invested a large financial sum into this business as well as countless hours. When we return home from a trip there are hundreds of hours put into editing video, posting photos, archiving, updating the website, answering emails, scheduling, and promoting this company. This work must be done in the evenings and on weekends after our regular work hours and is done without pay.

It takes time away from our children, family and our home. We continue to do this because we love this Hobby and we love the people who are a part of it, and because we truly believe that we have something to offer that no one else has.

We understand that we created this business of our own free will and that it is our responsibility to make it successful and that is exactly what we intend to do. We have spent the better part of the last 3 months trying to come up with a plan to continue with this business that we have been building since 2007.

I will be honest, for a time we did consider quitting, we wondered if it was really worth all the time and financial strain to continue. After taking a little time off to rest and really think about what we wanted, we reminded ourselves that quitters never win and winners never quit. We decided to keep going, keep trying, and keep praying!

So why am I telling you all of this??? Because although Doug and I created this company, in a sense, Me Time belongs to all of you (the boating community). You made what we do possible. You invited us to your races, accepted us into your community and supported our efforts all the way. We want you to know where we stand now and where we are going as we look to the future.

Where we stand: Me Time is still committed to brining you live event coverage of rc boat racing events. We are committed to continue to improve on the quality of our broadcasts and to continue to promote the rc boating industry as a whole.

A note about the quality: We are aware that sometimes there are buffering issues with the feed. We hope that you will understand that we are in unchartered territory with this. There are no other internet sites (that we know of) that are broadcasting live events onto the web from a remote location. Streaming live can easily be done from inside a building that has cable access, however, streaming from a pond can sometimes be difficult. We are always working to improve the quality of our feed and someday hope to invest in a mobile satellite that will eliminate this problem completely.

Immediate Changes: There are some immediate changes that we will be making that are important to take note of. They are as follows:

Minimum Sponsorships: Starting immediately, Me Time will only be able to attend races that meet a minimum sponsorship requirement. The numbers of sponsors needed to broadcast a race will be based upon the distance required to travel and the length of the trip. The moneys collected from the sponsorships are intended to cover Me Time’s travel expenses for the trip. This will hopefully be a temporary requirement. Once our premium annual memberships reach a certain number, we will no longer need this requirement.

Archives: To save space on our website, thus preventing us from having to purchase a very expensive dedicated server, we will only be archiving races 2 years back. This will include video and photos. As we place new archives into the system, older races will be deleted from the site.

Upcoming Changes: We have been working on some things that will happen in the next year that are pretty exciting! We usually keep these things pretty much under wraps but I wanted to give you a little peek into what is coming!

Expanding: Me Time will be expanding into some other areas of RC in 2011, look for us to start to cover some RC car , plane and heli events in the coming year.

Advertising: We are planning to advertise in some national rc magazines as well as some of the larger sites on the web in the coming year.

Interactive Racing Software: This has been our top secret project for the past 6 months or so. I will not go into detail on this now, but imagine being able to register and pay for a race online, set up your own personal race profile with as much or as little information about your racing boats that you would like people to know, live interactive scoring, also, your profile will be updated every heat race with scores, and so much more. You won’t believe what this system can do! Plus it will all be available and FREE to use through Me Time. There are many upgrades that need to be done to our website before we can roll out this program. The upgrades are under way. We will be making an announcement in the near future as to how all this will work and when we will be rolling it out.

Club Finder - This will be a simple, easy way to find a club in your area. Enter your zip code to find a club near you. Launching in 2011.

Club Web Pages – Clubs that already have a website will be automaticly directed to that site. Clubs that do not currently have a website will be given a FREE standard webpage on This page will include, about us, news and updates, and an event calendar. A club officer will be given access to their club page and easy instructions to update their page.

That’s all for now, thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support!!!


Kerri and Doug Carter
Thank You Guys for broadcasting the R/C Boating community to the World!

Me Time Rocks!!
Hey sounds good.

The reruns of the Hobart Indy Masters was a good idea for those that couldnt see it live.

Nice to see the heat races you were in. Maybe archive the heat races by class of boats for those with a special interest in those classes.
Doug, Kerri and Brian have all worked very hard for.. well.. us boat nuts that live for RC boating.

We are VERY lucky to have a company like metime (ahead of its time) doing what they do for the boat community.

I have been to RC event after RC event and its always the same.. lets wait to see what’s posted from the event, CrackRoll, Run Ryder, Flying Giants.. its all the same..

Some might say.. aha.. been there done that.. REALY!.. not so much.. Even Jim Gram from RC groups can not pull off what metime is doing.. not even close

We have Metime.. the future really.

Thanks Metime!

Thanks Doug and Kerri, you have my support, as much as I can give.
doug, kerri & carter, thanx for all you do for us!! it is a pleasure to call you guys my friends, although i do miss not seeing ya'll at many dist. 12 races as i used to. i feel guilty that i have not signed up for a membership, due to having a dailup connection. makes videos & live feeds impossible to watch ( not enough hours in the day for the downloads :( ). i will need to change that at the fall nats, so i can help support your efforts, even if i can't reap all the benefits of your time & labor. see ya in a few weeks :D !!
It's always good to see you two at the events and it wouldn't be the same now without you. Without the help of Mike, Jeni and Deryl it would have been harder to pull this off.

I've got to get an order in for some more prints as that might help to fill the coffer a little more. Are you going to do a poster of the Hobart race?
Thanks so much for all your kind comments! It made me smile this morning :p You guys are the best!


We are working on an event poster for the Indy Masters, will try to get it put up on the site tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments! It made me smile this morning :p You guys are the best!


We are working on an event poster for the Indy Masters, will try to get it put up on the site tonight or tomorrow.

Kerri and Doug thanks for all you do.

Any chance that the site changes will make it a little more MAC friendly ??

You definitely need a larger audience than r/c boating can provide. Maybe the cars and planes would help, but also look at some of the full scale racing sports that get largely overlooked by the big corporate media. Sports such as drag boats and other sports that have spectator appeal but is not big enough for the corporate guys. Besides, we'd like to see drag boat races and probably more of the r/c guys would become paying members to see that.

You could hand out fliers to the spectators at the full sized events to get a chance to capture membership from them. Rock climbing is popular in the r/c car world right now, but I doubt the full sized rock climbers get any corporate attention. Lot of areas like that to look at.

Hang in there...

I saw last night that the Hobart Masters poster is now being shown. One of my Cat's made it and not the shot that I would have chosen myself but it fits in more with the theme of the poster so in that light it is better suited.

When I checked out the order form I noticed that it hadn't been updated with the Masters picture form yet but I can still figure out prices (maybe :rolleyes: ) from the others.

Right now it looks like 3 or 4 of the 8 x 10's and a poster so far. I'll have to get with Jeni about the T-shirts, 3 of those in addition to the one I already ordered at the event.

For those ordering; the pictures are a LOT nicer than shown on the site! The 2 prints that I got at Hobart are very high quality with nice rich colors.

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