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Don Ferrette

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Nov 25, 2003
The rules for selling are as follows and ALL I/W members are expected to follow them, no exceptions -

#1- There is a minimum 30 days I/W membership and 50 post requirement OR you must be a Supporting Member before any I/W member is allowed to post items for sale. We have always been all about promoting a brotherhood type atmosphere and unfortunately we have had instances of people taking advantage of that so now unless you have been an established I/W member for at least 30 days and you have accumulated 50 posts in other I/W forums you will not be allowed to sell any items.

#2- Using "bump", "ttt", "still up for grabs", duplicate listings, etc. to keep bringing an item back to the top is not allowed. This also applies to "looking for" or "want to buy" posts. It is not fair to the others selling things to do this so if your item is not seeing any "action" then do something to generate interest like price reductions, splitting things up, etc. rather than just bumping it. An occasional update after a minimum of 7 days is not a problem but do not abuse it as it needs to be kept fair for all. Any duplicate posts, bumps, ttt's, etc. that appear in less than a week after the original listing or updates/changes will be deleted when found.

#3- Pictures of the actual item(s) for sale are required in all personal for sale ads. "Generic" pics lifted from say a manufacturers site are not acceptable, show the actual things for sale. Posts like "lots of stuff for sale call or email for details or pics" are also not allowed. Common sense needs to play a part as well like we all know what a new glow plug looks like so showing the plug in the package is fine. Any personal for sale ads posted without pics will be removed, no longer giving warnings as this rule has been in place long enough. Manufacturers/distributors ads will not require pics nor will "want to buy" or "looking for" type posts in the For Sale section.

#4- All questions, answers to questions, shipping costs, offers and counter offers will be posted on the for sale thread. No more p/m sent, text me, call me, etc. unless the item is already sold and buyer/seller are exchanging address or payment information. This is something that has been under consideration for some time and is being used on other model boating sites, it now applies here. Anyone who chooses to not follow this rule will get one warning, after that a nice time out (suspension) is likely if it happens again. Also if an item or items are being listed elsewhere you must state that in the original post, this will help reduce misunderstandings about an item getting sold on another forum, Facebook, etc.

#5- If there is any legitimate offers or deals pending between a potential buyer and seller any other interested individuals need to allow a reasonable time for a response to said deal/offer (at least 12 hours). Also simply stating things like "I'm interested" or "I have a question" does not constitute an offer!! If you are seriously interested in buying say something like "I'll take it pending answer to question". Also keep in mind these are offers or deals within the scope of original for sale post. In other words if the seller makes no mention of taking trades don't simply offer a trade and expect that person to just hold it for you over a cash offer without you at the very least saying something like "I'd like first dibs regardless" if again it's something you really want. We all have seen stuff listed for sale that ultimately a trade was done instead as it was a good deal for both. It is acceptable to post something like I will take if he/she passes, etc. as that establishes a sort of waiting list if the offer or counter offers are not accepted. There has been a sharp increase in complaints and occurrences lately that has necessitated adding this rule.

#6 - Want to buy (WTB) posts. It seems as of late there has become a need for this. The person who started the WTB listing has priority in any offered deals and is not to be "sniped" or "scooped" by other members. Other members may offer to purchase the item after the original poster declines the offered item and steps away from the deal.

#7 - Posts announcing "pre-sale" or "I will be posting, selling, listing" or anything similar is not permitted. This has become a big enough problem that this rule needed to be added. Do not post a for sale thread until you are ready to sell WITH pics. Any posts of this nature will be deleted immediately upon finding or being informed of.

#8 - Effective immediately ALL posts regarding charity drives and such must be pre-approved. This is a zero tolerance policy and there will be no exceptions whatsoever, any posts not authorized prior will be deleted.
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Just an FYI- the selling rules have been updated as of 07/15/2014. If you wish to use International Waters as an avenue to peddle your wares you must follow these simple rules.
The rules for selling have once again been updated. All questions, offers and counter offers will be posted on the for sale thread, no more p/m sent etc. This has been a long time coming and a couple recent incidents has pushed it into play.
Ok so now we have 5 mandatory rules regarding selling on I/W. Please remember these are not optional and apply to any and everyone buying and selling. Thanks.
Ok folks it seems that lately these rules have been forgotten or just plain ignored. Let's all get back on point in regards following the buying/selling rules, they are NOT optional.............
Starting to see more issues cropping up with items listed for sale on I/W and elsewhere. Please remember that as per rule #4 you are required to state if your item(s) are listed on other forums and/or social media platforms.
Apparently people are getting lax again in following the rules for buying/selling on the forum so I suggest a few of you brush up on them.
And because of it getting out of hand we now have added rule #7. As always please read all of the selling rules before posting anything for sale.
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