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Parts For Sale K&B 7.5, pipe, props, etc...


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Hi , is he still on sale


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I have a few items up for sale but first I would like to clarify that I am NOT a racer nor do I claim to be one. I can say that I admire all of you that have the nerve and skills to do so. I did go to the World Tunnel Championships and the Fall Nationals when I lived in Charleston. I met quite a few of you guys there and odds are I have a picture of your boat if you were there back in 2012, if I have the year correct. I used to own a lake house in SC and have enjoyed playing with my 3 boats as a hobby but I moved and don't have easy access now to run them. I sold my old Lap Cat II and a never built Dumas Hot Shot Sprint. I still have the motor from that boat as well as a HTB 290 w/ gold head that I got from John Knight and a JAE 21 that I built. I may try selling those at another time when I know more about when and where we will be moving to in a couple of years. I have debated on converting the HTB to electric since we have a neighborhood pond that only allows electric or self propelled type boats but I know nothing about doing that. I need to do some research. Anyway I just wanted to give some background.

The items I have listed do not include shipping or pp fees. I have done some research to get an idea of what these items sell for so I could make an educated guess as to how much to ask for them. There may not be any interest in some of these items which I understand but I believe that most of these items will be of interest to someone. I will not be listing them anywhere else like others have done until I know for sure there is no interest here. Please feel free to correct me if you see an item that I may not have identified properly. Thanks for looking.

  1. K&B 7.5 – used very little over the years – had the bearings replaced by Rod Geraghty a good while back – spins free with good compression – asking $150
  2. Irwin pipe (I believe that's the make) – SOLD
  3. Header and coupler – SOLD
  4. Prather Motor Mount – asking $20
  5. Prop Shaft Assembly – asking $25
  6. Flex Shaft and Tubing – asking $10
  7. Steering Arm – asking $5
  8. Muffler – never used it – honestly I'm not sure how I obtained it – asking $10
  9. Hinge Nut Plate – asking $5
  10. Nitro Rudder 3 ¾ suitable for 10-18 mono or 21-28 hydro zippkits – asking $15
  11. Small Hydro Pipe Mount kit including coupler and hardware – asking $12
  12. Idle Adj Screw – asking $5
  13. Needle Valve Assembly – asking $15
  14. Needle Valve – asking $5
  15. Idle Needle w/ o ring and receptical – asking $10 each
  16. Pushrod Seals Pro Style V2 – asking $5
  17. Props which I'm sure could use a good balancing and sharpening

    X452/3 brass – asking $20

    X447/3 alum – asking $15

    X448 alum – asking $12

    X447 brass – asking $15

    X548 brass – asking $15

    235 ss – asking $15

    230 ss – asking $15
$80 for all props bought together
do you still have the barrel stop screw and the water proof fittings ? if so i will take them give me a price thanks

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