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Parts For Sale K&B 67 Outboard


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Jerry Dunlap

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Apr 1, 2002
This K&B 67 belonged to a model boating friend dealing with serious(life threatening) health issues. I have no idea how much it has been run. The sleeve, top of the piston, appear ok. Without the glow plug it turns over smoothly and has good compression with the glow plug installed. 2 flex cables will be included. The money from the sale will be sent to his wife. The price is $125 and that includes shipping in the States. Payment by check.

Completely unrelated to this sale, it was probably 20 years ago that I last ran a K&B 67 Outboard. It was on a 42" WOF tunnel I called the "Solution." I gave it that name because I wanted to solve the issue with the big DPI tunnel boat blowing over. It worked pretty well.



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