IMPBA D2 Hydrofest 2024


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Jan 25, 2004
HydroFest 2024

AUGUST 4, 2024

Oakland-Wolverine Model Boat Club / Saginaw Bay RC Boat Club

TIME: 9 AM (No engines firing before 9 a.m. on race day.)

Kelly Lake Park, 1130 Munson Street, Burton, MI 48509-1814

Classes: 1/8 Scale; A Hydro; B Hydro; D Hydro; Sport 20/RTR; Sport 40; B Mono; D Mono; Open Rigger (Nitro, Gas, or Electric); LSG Cat; LSG Sport Hydro; Gas Scale; Classic Thunderboat, Open Mono (Nitro, Gas, or Electric)

Pre-registration required. 3 boats to make a class Watch for information and listing on IW Forums.
Entry Fee: $20.00 First Boat – Second Boat $15.00 - each additional boat $10.00 – Junior’s -$10.00
Class sponsorship is $50.00 per class.

Directions: Take I-69 to Exit at Center Road South, turn left onto Lapeer Road. Head east to
Munson Street. Turn Left onto Munson. Park entrance on north side of road approx. half a mile.

CD: Chris Capaldi (248) 375-9566 email: [email protected]
Assistant CD: Charles Dukes (989) 297-3545 email: [email protected]
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Put me down for Sport 40 and Scale. I may add Sport 20 if we need entries.

I know retrieve will eat up my spare time especially if a buoy is involved.

All on DSM.
Please pencil me in for A-Hydro on DSM. I have a few other obligations that could interfere? Working that out and hope to spend the day racing with a great group of people! I will post here asap if I have to cancel.
Thank You!
Brian Neumann
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