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Parts For Sale House cleaning


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Hi Kevin. I would take #15 I would offer $30.00 shipped do you accept my offer. I will send M.O to your address. Let me know thanks
(1)- Russian .11 Motor and pipe $50.00 Sold to Glenn
(2)- New 5" Octura Twin mount $10.00 Sold to Mark
(3)- New Sullivan Vee Tank $12.00 Sold to Jim
(4)- New Sullivan Vee Tank $12.00 Sold to Jim
(5)- Marine Specialties Rudder blade $2.00
(6)- New Marine Specialties strut assy $10.00
(7)- unknpwn pipe $10.00 Sold to Rodney
(8)- Used Irwin 40 pipe $35.00
(9)- Sullivan electric fuel pump $25.00
(10)- New MAC 20 pipe $25.00
(11)- used 20 pipe $15.00
(12)- used 20 pipe $15.00
(13)- New Radio South Glow Igniter $75.00 Sold Local
(14)- Speedmaster round bottom strut $20.00 pending Jonathan
(15)- Speedmaster extended round bottom strut $20.00 Pending Alan
(16)- Speedmaster small Mono turn fin $10.00
(17)- New AA 45 Hydro header $40.00 Sold to Jeff
(18)- New AA 45 Mono 15* header $40.00
(19)- Seaducer 20 pipe mount $20.00

Cross posted.
First I will take it gets it. Post here.
All prices plus shipping and fees!
Paypal is [email protected]
Thanks for looking.

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