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    Grimracer Boat Fuel.

    Nothing to hide.. you decide..

    Grimracer boat fuel comes in 30% and 50% mixes. The oil is a low viscosity package (Proprietary) made by Klots that we tested and selected for marine use. Its mixed in at 23%. The oil is a pure synthetic and the fuels are blended at the Byron Originals mixing facility in Ida Grove Iowa.

    To learn more about proper fuel blending, testing and storage go to Byron Fuels .com

    Is it really that simple?.. yep.. it is!

    Grimracer does not make airplane and car fuel. We focused in on marine use only and from that came a fuel that runs extremely well in all motors, bushed rods as well as full needle bearing 101s. your bearings will not skid on this oil.

    Mike Schindler

    Ron Zaker Jr

    Bryon Nesvical

    Steven Enneper

    Robert Holland

    Jerry Dunlap

    Testimonials from:

    Bert Dygert

    William Buckshot Schackelford

    The Maglinger gang

    Team members or not the wins keep stacking up!

    A top engine builder (name withheld) has written many times. Don’t buy fuel from a company that won’t tell you there oil percentage. It’s your engine!

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