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Sold Futaba R603FS


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John Seybold

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May 22, 2010

I have two Futaba R603FS receivers for sale. $65 each plus shipping. If using PayPal use friends and family or cover the fees. Posted on other sites too.


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You use more than one reciever with the DSM system?
Every twin I build gets 2 receivers, 2 batteries and 2 switches, been doing it that way since '99. One controls rudder and one covers the throttles. As Mike said FASST allows binding 2, another reason I'm sticking with my 4PKS and 603s.


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I was really surprised to find people using 2 receivers when I came back racing years ago. I never used more than 1 receiver in any of my giant scale planes or larger helicopters. A close friend had a $20,000.00 turbine Lama, flew on only one receiver. Maybe it’s changed now, Grim might be able to comment as it’s been close to 10 years since I was close to the national scene of rc aviation.
I will say that I did use a redundant battery system so I did run 2 batteries.
I think I have mentioned this in the past on here..

back in the day.. RX components were though hole in the board.

And that.. is the bottom line.. you are still going to want to protect the RX from vibration but redundant RXs.. just not needed.

and then.. sure.. redundant everything is not going to hurt anything.. but the technology is slipping away from those using old systems.. and then you have to rely on USED RXs you find on-line..

Its all good.. good thing Futabas products are so darn good.. even the old stuff aint bad!

Lets race!

"And that.. is the bottom line.. you are still going to want to protect the RX from vibration but redundant RXs.. just not needed."

This is something I will always disagree with. I've seen RX failures in twin hydros and it is downright scary. With two RXs the odds of losing both are extremely remote and if one drops you can either steer it until it runs out of fuel or shut the throttles down hopefully before you hit anything. Beter safe than sorry....................