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I put in an order for bearings and will now offer the as Set #7 the Mline 90 bearings 6201 / 6001. No needle bearing in the set. If somebody has the sizes for the needle bearing I can look into getting those as well.

Price on those bearings was surprisingly good. I can sell the set for $25.
Many know I have been selling SKF engine bearings, the same as stock CMB bearings, for a while now. Very good quality bearings. Here are the sets and prices.

Set #1 - $25 Fits .21 size for MAC and just about any CMB 21 version
Set #2 - $30 Fits .45 size for CMB HR, VAC, V5. MAC45, New OPS45, Picco 45 blackhead
Set #3 - $30 Fits CMB 67,80 and 90VAC. MAC 67 & 84
Set #4 - $30 Fits CMB 45 EVO / RS
Set #5 - $30 Fits CMB .91, 1.01 RS/EVO

Bearing prices will be discounted 10% for the holidays until Dec. 31.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is typically $5 depending on size and location. If I miss your post here you can PM or e-mail me at [email protected]
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Hi Mike- need a set of #1 (CMB 21 LS) and a set of #2 (CMB V5), please.

Give me a total to 48642.….will PP straight away.

Hey Mike,
Need a set of bearings for a 45 competition red head cmb.
Will you be carrying needle bearings also?
Hey Doug, I'll need to bearing sizes on that motor. Is it a M-line engine? If it is a red RS motor, I have those.

I'll need the sizes for the needle bearing as well and can look up the availability of them. Needle bearings are sized by ID, OD and length.