D 4 race dates


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Any body know the 2024 d 4 dates
Some of the Clubs in D4 needed to make final adjustments to their Race dates.
With that now complete, here are the Race Dates for D4.

Badger Model Boat Club - Mike Mischnick - Club President
June 29th and 30th - Badger Thunderboat Throwdown
Aug 24th and 25th - Badger SuperSport Mono Throwdown
Oct 5th and 6th - Badger Fall Shootout

Riptide RC Boat Club - Mark Vorhees - Club President
July 19th, 20th and 21st. - Kenny Stang Showdown

St Louis Thunderboaters - Matt Ellet - Club President
May 4th and 5th - Midwest Scale Championship

Marquette RC Boat Club - Jim Kapanowski - Club President
No Race Dates at this time

Quad City Roostertails - Pete Collinson - Club President
No Race Dates at this time.