BP Racing XR7 Outboard


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Kris Flynn

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Mar 11, 2002
I have been running this motor a bit lately and I must say I am very happy with its performance! With the car pipe setup they offer it works quite well, but with my Cooper pipe it really works well!

The motors are basically stock in both videos, except I have reduced the bowl volume and set head clearance to .008"

50% Nitro (18% total oil)

Car Pipe Setup (I will add prop info here, I cannot remember right now)

Cooper Pipe Setup with STOCK ABC 40x52/3 prop

I have done A LOT of laps on this M11 V2 hull with modified Novarossi Keep motors and the cooper pipe. The BP would be right up there with those IMO.
That thing is ripping right along. I am impressed its turning that prop at that rpm. what bowl volume did you end up running? .looks like they are out of stock on the website how old is it? is it still available somewhere?
Hi David.

.18cc...this really helped with the car pipe setup. Probably helps the Cooper Pipe setup also, but made a huge difference in torque for the corners with car pipe setup, which definitely lacks torque in comparison.

Contact Details for dealer are below...pricing is in AUD and may not be valid, but will be close.


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Kris is spot on with his input. I too have been testing one of these motors and found with the car pipe it did have a massive amount of top end rpm but lacked the torque in the turns. I was finding to get it to maintain rpm i was having to drop down to little 38mm props.

I swapped over to a siler bullet pipe after talking with Kris and the motor really came alive. I was able to hold good speed over the whole course. my engine is still completely stock with no internal modifications and running on 50% nitro on a Dragon m11 V2.

There is still some more testing to do and i think this engine is the future for 3.5 nitro outboard. With the current USD vs AUD rate will make it a great buy.