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    Parts For Sale Shop Cleaning

    I'd love to take that OB off your hands BUT: 1) I don't have a hull to put it on 2) If I start another hull, the wife will probably skin me alive
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    21 months............

    My boat hadn't been wet for almost three years, prior to two weeks ago. Now it's on the bench, waiting for some repairs. The race I put it on the water at was almost a demolition derby as at least one boat was totaled and several others, including mine, were damaged. Guess some of us(yes...
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    best solder

    From what I've heard, silver solders can build up resistance from electrical current polarizing the solder, never seen it personally so can't say for sure. The 96/4 silver solder may be fine as most silver solders I have seen have other metals added for strength. I have to agree with Tyler's...
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    best solder

    8mm bullets are desoldering on 4S? What kind of process are you using to solder the the bullets on? I've never had a joint fail using the following method: Clean the wires with flux and then tin the exposed end of the wire. The solder should run up the wire to just inside the insulation if...
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    Plywood Source

    IF you live it the Pacific Northwest, there's B&D International. They stock sheets 61" square of all the sizes you listed and will sell half sheets as well. The wood you are asking about is shown listed as flat plywood and is classified as ULTRA-THIN BIRCH AIRCRAFT QUALITY PLYWOOD. Per the...
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    Looking for a source

    I'll be working in Renton on Wednesday and at Boeing Field on Thursday so I will be in the area. Where is this hobby shop? You're the second person to mention it but no one has told me where it is. Was at the HARM three or four weeks ago, Squire was a nice shade of grey when I was there. I...
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    Looking for a source

    Two scale 73 Paks(started over when I discovered the plans weren't accurate for it so I'm redesigning as I go and that takes time), gas scale 78 Madison(same issue, having to redesign as I go), 85 Executone, a new 2000 Elam Plus and a 2009 Oberto. Only problem is I have to work around the...
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    Looking for a source

    Not long ago, the last really good hobby shop in my area was force(by the landlord) to close it's doors. Didn't really see it as a problem, until now. Since I'm building some boats, I am going to need some brass tubing for cooling lines and stuffing tubes. Here's the problem, can't find...
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    I’m moving over to the dark side!

    I was thinking it's a CMB muffled pipe, just from what I can see in the picture.
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    Hello, new to the RC boating.

    The two guys that I would refer you to are Mark Scott and Jerry Dunlap. These two guys are both members of the forum and they both KNOW TUNNEL HULLS!!!!!!! To take it one step further, Jerry has designed many of the tunnel hulls sold by Dumas Products and races what he designs. Mark has been...
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    Starter Batteries

    Thanks Guys. Got the CFO's approval so I'll be ordering a pair of the Craftsman 20 volt adapters in the near future. If things go right, I'll be trying the set up out next race.
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    Starter Batteries

    I got lucky. I found this site by accident and they had just what I was looking for...
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    Starter Batteries

    I could, if I had a tool that was dead. All three of the battery types I have are all new within the past couple of years
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    Starter Batteries

    Has anyone seen an adapter for the Ryobi 18 volt universal, Craftsman 20 volt or Cobalt 24 volt pack? I have all three types of battery packs available and am to the point I don't really want to have to carry 12 volt batteries that I have no other use for. Thanks all
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    Expanding foam

    I have to agree with Mr Hughes on this one. Unless you are very careful on amounts and locations where the foam is placed, it can destroy a boat and yes, been there seen that. It can be done, as shown by Scott Meyers in one of his videos: