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Darin Jordan

"Updated" P-LTD OPC Tunnel 2-Lap Record...

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Last minute decision, quite literally, to attend the NAMBA, NW Roostertails 2-Lap Time-trials at Twin Lakes, in Smokey Point, WA. I woke up Sunday morning, looked at the weather, wasn't going to go, and the wife said "Go"... so I did.

Turned out to be a good decision. Despite the weather, which deteriorated quickly after 11am, I managed to break the existing P-LTD OPC Tunnel 2-Lap time by 0.52 Seconds, setting a new mark of 28.44 seconds averaging 42.2mph over the 1/6th Mile Oval course!!


Thanks to Kelly Groul and the NW Roostertails group for taking the time to host this event and stand out there all day, in the wind and cold, so us knuckle-heads could stand out there with you. :)












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Great Job Darin! You just continue to push those times down lower and lower. I hear there was more left on the table that the wind just wouldn't let you have...well, you will get to see whats left next time you go. Tell Kelly-G & Bryan that I said hello and congrats on your new record! Give me a call when you get settled back in and lets talk about your project.


-Carl Van Houten

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I miss out on all the fun......only made it half way before my transmission started slipping. Had to call Kelly to come pick up the timing equipment from me before I limped home 30 miles. Oh well, there is always the fall 2 laps.

Good job Darin

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