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Boats For Sale Whiplash Gen2 Sport Hydro


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Edward Drock

Well-Known Member
Nov 2, 2020
I won't get around to racing so I'm selling my ALL NEW Whiplash Gen2 with a new Gizmo's GZ 29.5 and a Hot Pipe with a quickdraw 2" muffler and a easy start. SS tank / Dynamite gas safety switch all speedmaster hardware and B/M turn fin and mount. It has Savox SC-1201 MG servos. The motor has never seen fuel. It has a Venom 7.4v / 2400 receiver battery. The hull was sealed with west systems inside and out. The paint is auto with K2 clear coat. All the lettering can be taken off it's not under the clearcoat. The prop is a SS 6819/530 BC. I don't want to split it up right now I will ship at the buyers cost but pick up would be better. It came in at around 13.6 lbs. Everything is new But the header and pipe. No receiver go with it. I'm asking $1200 plus the shipping. I will remove all hardware and turn fin if shipped. It's posted on other sites as well.


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