What props for a slingshot


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Jul 21, 2015
I was told to go with COCR for props for my slingshot.
I just found the price for a prop plus shipping, wow, call me cheap but that is a lot of money for 1 prop.

Anybody on IW have any suggestions for props for my slingshot?

You may want to start with a 2817 and then a 2819.
They may need a little bit of massaging to get them
just right.

Thanks Mark, just spoke to a friend and he said he is using the 2717 and 2719 with 19 rake and 38 bar.

I'm so lost I don't even know what to think with these numbers.
The 26 or the 29, the slingshot runs well with ether motor, of course the 29 will give you better speeds.
For props I recommend Bob Austin, been using him for years and his props work very well
There are some slingshot in our club, they run very fast and corner great
Mark Sholund made me up a 2817 that is wicked fast for my SS with a mod 29.5. I have never had a boat the actually accelerates hard thru the turns as it does with this prop. Mark's prices are very reasonable and he provides exceptional service.

I would also look at BH Hansen. Their engines run great and Al gives outstanding support. There are a few other outstanding engine builders out there but those you may have to wait for weeks, maybe even months, to get one.
Just my $.02...

BH Hanson motors rock!!! You dont have to think twice.... great price. On the props...all the stainless steel propworks/dentin cocr will cost over $100 doesnt matter who you buy from .....if you dont want to spend that and prefer the bronze... i would talk with Alan Elzer, Mark Sholund, but Bob English does a ton of bronze ABC props so talk with him too. While there is more than one way to "skin a cat" those "expensive" props perform!! Also Snowman makes the wickedest bronze props ive tried!!
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Also im not so sure the motor will make that much of a difference....i saw first hand last year where a 26 boat was kicking all those big blocks out the pond....im talking all of them 32 30 29....so that made me do some experimenting/ thinking....and so far......well we shall see