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Boats For Sale Roadrunner Twin .67 Rigger with spares.


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Oct 23, 2002
Changing around some of the classes that I run, getting rid of what I don’t….

This is posted on multiple locations, just because you are first here, does not mean you were first elsewhere. Cash or check preferred (check will need to clear) or if paying PayPal you will need to add 3%. My PayPal is a business account, so I can’t accept friends and family payments. This is my personal race boat. Located in the metro Atlanta area. Can deliver to gas Nats or other races I’m attending.

.67 Road Runner. Built this boat about 3 years ago, and have raced it a handful of times. Boat runs and handles well. Comes ready to race, just add receiver. Comes with spare sponsons, spare cowl, spare boom tubes, spare parabolic pipes, and spare engine parts as shown. Needs a RX and you can go racing.

$1,800.00, plus $50 shipping via UPS ground. (PayPal add 3%)



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If anyone wants to split the package up with you, I can help accommodate it, but would need to have buyers lined up. Thanks!
For me to buy whole package I need to see pictures inside the engines. Do these motors have the updated cranks and are there new piston and sleeves available anywhere for these? I see the extra parts but is it a piston and sleeve in the bag? Can you get rods for these? I have many 67s for this but not novarossi. That's why I thought maybe someone else has parts or extra engines that these could be beneficial for them. Maybe if someone replies or messages me if they have a supply of parts I could purchase I'd buy it all
I have plenty of parts for these engines in stock. Yes, the spares include a piston and sleeve set. The engines have the normal To-Be .67 cranks. The “updated” cranks were for outboards.
Ok, had an offer I couldn’t refuse last night on the engines and pipes. So they are gone. Now the boat and boat parts are what remains. $1000 plus shipping, for the boat with spare tubes, spare sponsons, all electronics (no RX) spare cowl, shafts, props (2315), etc, etc.

Will give Paul first dibs since he originally asked


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Ok, it’s yours. Let me know how you’d like to pay. My PayPal addy is [email protected]

I’m leaving for Italy on Sunday for a week, so I’d like to get it shipped out today if possible/paid for, otherwise, it will be Monday the 17th before I can ship.

You got that right!
Spent many weekends and a whole lot of $$$ at Baja among a host of other tracks around the country with my Son. He got a AMA D14 Jacket one year for 1st in his class. I figured that Jacket cost me about $40K that year.

Boat racing is definitely way less expensive and MUCH safer!