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Boats For Sale Raptor 21


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Oct 18, 2011
Only 5 of these all carbon fiber hulls ever produced. These are light, strong and very rapid. Comes ready to run with 9 port NR mods by Blevins, square drive metal tank, no receiver and no prop $800, never crashed or repaired. This was Brian’s personal boat, I repainted it. $800 shipped to lower 48.


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I would like to buy that pipe if you are going to separate
the engine from the boat. Joe wants the engine and header.
It is a really nice set up. By parting out the boat you will
make more money in the long run.

Let Me Know Please,

Mark Sholund
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Ok let’s part it out $400 for the hull I will sell motor , pipe and header separately

I work late at Home Depot tonight, but I will send PayPal in the morning.

Thank You Ken,

Mark Sholund