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I am running a os 21, and that seems to do the trick, not much of the boat is in the water, and its getting very loose. The hull will not let enough air out and it starts to fly, makes for tricky driving. very fun boat, building the same setup for my daughter, she is wanting to run this year.I will look for video of mine running last year.
i'm thinking about dropping in a dynamite .32
I think you would be better off with a engine like a Nova rossi or GO

A Good .21 engine will out perform a Dynamite .32

Mark Leyde has a sale on at the moment for the GO Engines - See the MFG Forum http://www.intlwater...showtopic=50432

Glenn Q sells the Nova Rossi engines and they have a .28 that would make that thing fly

or look at the 7 port .21 great bang for your Buck http://www.intlwater...showtopic=50327

Or Aaron Alberico (MR Novarossi), he could help you out too ;)

cheers Luca
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