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Jerry Muro

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Feb 15, 2004
So going thru the work shop starting to thin out stuff I came across Ira Cotton Sport 40 round nose plans along with 1/8 round nose plans. Having built these boats and nitro in this area is just about done. I am willing to let them go to someone who would be interested in building a great boat.. I am asking 75.00 for both plus shipping. Payment by PP please send as F&F.
Thank You
Jerry - possibly sir. If possible, could you post/pm me a pic of the two plans...i'm seeing round nose, chisel nose and pickle designs when googling those boats. hoping to build some more boats with the kids, but want to make sure they are on board with the designs. let me know your thoughts
Jesse please send me your e mail or cell and I will send pictures. The 1/8 is chesil nose/ Sport 40 round nose. I had them in a tube and didn't even know I had two sets for the Sport 40 so I will send both and there is a template for his turn fin. Yes I can do $65. Send me a shipping address and I will get out this week or weekend. Jerry