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Sold NR67DD For Sale


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I'll take the engine, send me PayPal info
Ok....I have a new header that goes with it, too.....let me dig it out- still unpacking and setting up shop....also, if you're interested, I have a Mac 67 pipe I can offer you for an additional $35.... that's up to you....can send photos of that, if interested. Going to be selling off a bunch of other stuff, too.
Check your PM, send me your address and we'll get you shipping quote.
Thank you.
Just sent the additional $35 for the MAC 67 pipe
Ok.....I'll clean it up for you, Tom....note that there's a VERY small dimple at the diverging/baffle cone joint.

Tried calling you, but you didn't answer.
Also, I'll call/text you shipping cost tonight.


Just sent the additional $35 for the MAC 67 pipe
Yep, got it....found header, too.

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