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Many items up for sale


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Brian Blazer

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Dec 2, 2003
A club member passed away a couple of weeks ago and his wife wants me to sell all of his boats and supplies. She says it is too hard for her to look at them. He was a very good boater and kept his stuff in great condition. She has a large funeral bill to pay for so hopefully I can get enough together to at least put a dent in the bill.

Norms Boats

Currently, there is a tunnel and .45 K&B engines for sale. I have a lot of OPS stuff, boats, Picco P45 engines and parts, Picco .67 engines and parts. Check back regularly so you don't miss anything.

The boats are a 1/8 Scale Miss Circus Circus, RC Marine Designs Sport40, Pinkert Sport40, and an older .67 Rigger.

Everything will eventually be sold on Ebay to get her the most I can get.

thanks for looking

Brian Blazer
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Could you put out a more detailed list of the items available for sale? It would be easier for all of us to know what is available so we can help out as much as we can.


Sorry to hear about your friend but fortunately she has you, a boater that knows the value of the stuff. I saw a woman two years back selling an incredible boat and her description was "it's wood, floats has stuff in it and my husband played with it." The title wasn't even worth opening the auction. When I e-mailed her and told her it was an 1/8 scale hydro replica with a OPS .67 in it she was glad someone helped rather than bidding and winning for cheap. I'm sure the bidders were pissed. :lol: :lol:
I'd be interested in some of the Picco 45 parts or engines; not really for me, but a fellow boater over here in dist. 8,,

Eric Bourle'(spelling,sorry Eric) so he can can continue Whacking the props off us and smashing our faces in the mud.

I will do a complete list of the items available soon. The Piccos are the disk rotor engines. I know he has about 10 complete rotor assemblies and may pistons and sleeves.


Sorry to hear about your friend...

I'm Interested in the hydros (Circus and the sport 40's)

Do you have any pictures and prices available?


Brian, Disc rotor stuff is what we're lookin' for,,,,I'll wait for the list. Thanks and regards, Jerry Wyss.
Several people want me to post pictures, so here goes:

1/8 scale Miss Circus Circus

This will go on Ebay to get the most for Norm's wife, and to be fair to everyone.

I will let everyone know when it does.


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