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Huntsville Model Boaters Association
is proud to offer
The 2024 IMPBA Internats

October 12, 2024 thru October 19, 2024

Brahan Spring Park
2111 Drake Ave
Huntsville, Alabama

District 5 has hosted more Internats than any other site in the country. There has been a total of 39 IMPBA Internats and Huntsville has hosted 9 of them. The first full Internats was held in 1972 at Flint Michigan but the only trophy presented was the Excellence of Performance won by Lenny Skwiera. Lenny, Bill LeFeber and others then worked out the US 1 format and The Indy Model Boaters hosted the first US 1 event in 1975. There were only seven US 1 classes that year; however, the event built a large following and in the years since grew to 18 classes in 2022.

We are offering the “Original” US1 format as it offers the best challenges of both worlds.

For those who have never participated, The IMPBA US 1 Internats is the combination of Straight Line time trials, Two Lap Oval time trials and Heat Racing.

The first event is 1/16 mile Straight Away timed trials. (An individual races a boat through two electronic timers with left to right/right to left passes attempting to be the fastest in the class.)

The second event is the 1/3 mile Two Lap Oval timed trials. (Similar to above, but the individual races two laps around the buoys through the electronic timers attempting to be the fastest in the class.)

These two events comprise the Trophy Trials, but new records can be set!

The next event is National Championship Heat Racing. This event is 4 days of heat racing (specific classes on specific days) and allows the racers that just want to compete for National Champion to enjoy some of the best heat racing that can be offered.

What does it take to be US 1 Champion?

A racer must enter the Trophy Trials and the National Champion Heat Racing events to qualify.

The Straight away and Oval Trophy Trials event will account for 50% of your score. The National Champion Heat Racing will account for the other 50% of your score. These scores combined will give us our US 1 winners. Winning US 1 will tell everyone around the world that you were the best for that year!

Can a racer be US 1 in heat racing only?

Yes, they can, but you must be entered in both the Trophy Trials and National Champion Heat Racing events to qualify. It is hard to do but it has been done!

There will be a minimum of 8 boats required to make a US 1 class.

One of the special trophies that will be presented is the Excellence of Performance Trophy. This trophy is IMPBA’s highest honor and uses a weighted score system to calculate the winner based on the number of entries for a given US 1 class.
The next special award is the President’s Cup Trophy, for the best single performance of 2 boats based on heat racing only.
The final award is the William E. LeFeber award for outstanding sportsmanship and service to the organization.

Schedule (preliminary)
October12, 2024 Open Water
October 13, 2024 Straight Away Trophy Trials
October 14, 2024 Straight Away Trophy Trials and start Oval

Trophy Trials
October 15, 2024 Finish Oval Trophy Trials and open water (if possible)

Start of Heat Racing

October 16, 2024 B Hydro, A/B Mono, C/D Hydro, B Sport Tunnel
October 17, 2024 A Hydro, S-20, B O/B, E Hydro, CD Mono, Multi-Engine Hydro
October 18, 2024 D O/B, S-40, F Mono, 1/8th scale, F Hydro.
October 19, 2024 Completion of any US 1 classes.
Special classes to be announced (Single F Hydro)
October 19, 2024 Evening Banquet and Awards

Open Water will be available each afternoon for the Classes that are running the next day. Time or weather permitting.
Running order may have to be changed to be able to make the classes work for each day.

You can contact me directly at [email protected] or text me at 256-656-0859

My first Internats (the 50th) was in 99.. that very pond.. looking forward to the 75th!


Is E Mono a US1 class?
I am old,,, so I prolly missed it.
Yes it is a US 1. The reason you don't see it is this list of running order is the 2022 event. Which was very good with the boats we had. E mono did not make that year. It could be put in any day if it makes. remember it take 8 boats for a US 1 class. And as Rick said classes may have to be moved around so that the race days are not bad loaded. We try and make it where each day has about the same number of heats in that day.
Bill, the race we are talking about is the IMPBAs 75th anniversary Internats.

The race is in October (Huntsville Al)

I am hoping to race 5 boats.

B Sport Tunnel
B Mod Tunnel
B Hydro
B Sport Hydro (Sport 20)
D Sport Hydro (Sport 40)
Bill, the race we are talking about is the IMPBAs 75th anniversary Internats.

The race is in October (Huntsville Al)

I am hoping to race 5 boats.

B Sport Tunnel
B Mod Tunnel
B Hydro
B Sport Hydro (Sport 20)
D Sport Hydro (Sport 40)
Mike I am sure you will be able to. Those classes always make. Also, one other thing to remember is it does have to be 8 boats for the US 1 event. But if we have 5 boats in a class, we will make it a National Championship for heat racing only.

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