CG for FE Sport ML Boatworks 37" Tunnel - Retrieve Boat


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Steve White

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Dec 11, 2020
Setting up a ML Boatworks 37" Tunnel hull for use as a retrieve boat. Power will be a pair of Leopard LBP3650-1480KV/Red, 2x 11.1V 5200 mah battery packs, Speedmaster submerged struts, and Octura X437/3 LH/RH props and Speedmaster twin rudders.

Measuring from transom forward where should the initial C.G. be for a starting point? The plan is to get a starting point and be able to move the battery packs fore and aft to trim it out without ride plates.
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The hull arrived today - bare hull looks real nice. Not sure when I'll get started on the build. I'll post a couple of stages of progress in case someone else may have interest in something like this.

As well will post the finished project and results.

BACKGROUND: After decades of rubber rafting, jon boats, tennis ball casting and just waiting for it to blow across the pond I figured a retrieve boat would be nice to have. Bought one a buy built, that was air prop driven, battery powered built from 1/2" PVC pipe and flotation noodles. Thought that would do it. Then, after a few discussions with a buddy, and having both model aircraft and model boating experience in the Fort Worth area for the past 20+ years a realization hit. Weather conditions vary constantly and not too many really still days in terms of wind. The air powered retrieve would be useless much of the time as a crosswind would blow it all over the place.

So, at that point I unloaded the air boat and set about figuring out a good hull for this project. I don't know if a tunnel will work worth a **** or not, but think it should work pretty well with twin submerged props and likely twin rudders as it's purpose will be a two vehicle.

I'm about to find out.