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Sold 2024 Roadrunner Stealth 45 new never ran


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Jul 21, 2015
I've decided to not run nitro so with a heavy heart I am selling a brand new never ran 2024 stealth roadrunner 45.

Boat has been sealed with West systems, and clear coated with automotive clear. The cowl was custom painted by Rick Bellinger.

Included with the boat is a new never broken in cmb 45 competition, header, pipe from Joe Warren.

It also includes a speedmaster .450 vortex carburetor along with the stock carburetor.

Also included with boat is 4 new props, servos, extra stuffing tubes, extra flex shaft, third channel needle valve, John Steltzer fuel tank.

What you see is what you get. Boat is ready for the water, just add receiver, battery and go to the lake.

Asking $1,750 plus shipping or best reasonable offer.

This is also advertised locally.


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All of us here on IW only want the best for each other, I can promise you that Sir !!

FWIIW it was all I could do to not say I'll take it when I first saw it posted, Larry got a Great Deal.

Take care of your Self and we all wish you the very best with your current situation.

Best Regards,

Ronnie King
NAMBA #1223
Thank you for the kind words Ronnie,.I appreciate it.
I have a health issue that needs my attention. And the family says that 1 boat is enough for now, so I'm keeping the gas boat.

Anything anyone needs to know about my personal life!
Best wishes with your health. I know what that's all about and have sustained some wise-ass remarks from certain people here regarding my racing status, presently. If they only knew. They just don't think beyond their own whimsical egos....and what a shame. #TRUTH