2023 IMPBA Oval Time Trials, Cincinnati, OH


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Mario Johnston

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May 23, 2019
The annual Cincinnati Model Boat Club/IMPBA Oval Time Trials are set to take place Oct. 21 & 22, beginning at 9am each day, open water available Friday Oct 20.
Courses being run are both 1/3 & 1/4 ovals.
Lunch for participants will be provided by the club each day. NO CAMPING ON SITE.

Hotels nearby:
Best Western Whitewater, Harrison, OH
Super 8 Wyndham, Harrison, OH
Holiday Inn Express, Harrison, OH

Lake venue address:
6465 Dry Fork Rd, Cleves, OH 45002

[email protected]
Facebook RSVP:

Event updates will be posted here and on our Cincinnati Model Boat Club Facebook page.
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As the Weber Farm festival will be taking place on the coinciding Oct 21-22 weekend as our IMPBA Time Trials, we ask that those attending use the Weber Farm parking lot entrance to enter the lake site (outlined here in RED) at 6007 Kilby Rd, Harrison, OH. Entering on the Kilby Rd side will help the traffic flow past the lake site.
The site EXIT will be our usual Dry Fork Rd Exit (outlined here in BLUE)
Message me if you have any questions or email [email protected]

Fantastic weekend spent at the Cinci TT. Weather on Sunday was perfect for fuel boats with cool air and little wind. A big thanks to Troy, TJ, Mario and Mark Scott for setting up the coarse, running the clocks and replacing what must have been a record number of balloons for a single event. I only brought one boat but managed to burn almost 2 gallons of fuel and bent a handful of turnfins trying to get a F-Hydro around the small 1/4 mile course.

I took a bunch of video's of Chris Grim's record setting 20 and 40 hydro, but need to upload them to YouTube once I get home. Looking forward to Mario's pics and video's too.

Thanks again guys, always a great trip up to run fast boats and see friends.

We had a great time here are some pictures from Saturday.
Mike Y


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I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our annual time trial event. This is one that I really look forward to, and we are submitting eight applications for records this year.

Mark Scott
N CAT - 1/4 MILE - 35.510
- - -
David Hughey
S CAT - 1/4 MILE - 22.910
T CAT - 1/4 MILE - 23.182
- - -
Chris Grim
D HYDRO 1/3 MILE - 15.049
D HYDRO 1/4 MILE - 11.939
- - -
Michael Ball
P SPORT HYDRO - 1/3 MILE - 20.402
- - -
Tyler Garrard
F HYDRO - 1/4 MILE - 14.943
- - -
Mario Johnston
SUPER SPORT MONO - 1/4 MILE - 21.037

Congratulations guys!