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    Head clearance. Nova DD 21

    i have found the only way to accurately measure a dd is with a dial or digital gauge. put the gauge in the button,turn the sleeve upside down and install piston,put the head button in the sleeve and shove the piston against the head, then zero the gauge. all the liner does is make sure the...
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    Alan Hobbs parts delivered

    probably caused by the corona virus,like everything now
  3. steve wood

    Paint gun

    I need your address
  4. steve wood

    Paint gun

  5. steve wood

    Paint gun

    tip says L10 on it i will give john 1st chance as he asked about it first,if he doesn't want it it's dukes
  6. steve wood

    Paint gun

    I will have to look. I used it for all klass kote paints primer clear and colors
  7. steve wood

    Glow plug clips

    2 glow plug clips. $20 shipped to usa
  8. steve wood

    Paint gun

    Finex sharpe paint gun with digital regulator, works excellent, $75 shipped to usa
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    Nicad chargers

    Wall chargers for single cell nicad starters $20 shipped to usa for 1 lot
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    Boris mazor flow meter

    2 pump flow meter,used very little, also have extra box and dial to go along. $160 shipped to usa
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    6 degrees of separation

    i have not changed any thing i did before. i eat out at places that are open, i only shop where i am not required to wear a mask,i don't have any masks. i go to work every day. they take our temp before letting us in the plant.i am /have ingnored this whole political agenda as much as i possibly...
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    Radar gun

    Shipped fed ex. Sat delivery
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    Tuned pipe

    $90 shipped PayPal boatracr@mchsi.com
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    Boris starter

    where will this be shipped to
  15. steve wood

    Boris starter

    i will box up and get shipping $ and let you know