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    Race canopy/tent

    X4 for Eurmax. Best money I've ever spent on a canopy! Go for the middle line. Good value for the money. Steve Ball
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    Paint codes, U-10 York Hydroplane

    I have the "Emcor" hull. (same hull different name) Sent a part to "Klass Kote" to have the color checked. They said it matches their "safety yellow" industrial epoxy. Steve Ball
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    God speed Bob Kensil

    Sad to hear. R.I.P. Bob. Steve Ball
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    Boats For Sale Scale Hydro for sale

    I can go $1200.00, and I'll pick it up. Thanks, Steve Ball
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    Boats For Sale Scale Hydro for sale

    I take it it's a glass hull. Who's the MFG.? Thanks, Steve Ball
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    Silent Engines (Mr. Doug Twaits Sr. ) Passed Away Last Night

    Condolences to Doug Jr. and the Twaits Family. Steve Ball
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    Parts For Sale Go and Nova parts lot. SOLD

    Brad, received the package today in great shape. Thanks! Steve
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    Nitro Guys, who is planning on making this race?

    Put me down Brad. Steve Ball
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    Prayers needed Stan Simpson

    Thoughts and prayers for the both of you. Steve Ball
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    Parts For Sale Shop Cleaning

    All in list, SOLD. Thanks IW! Steve
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    Parts For Sale SOLD NIB, OS 21 XM Outboard, V-1, Watercooled

    Up for sale, is a new, in box, OS 21 XM outboard motor. This is the V-1, watercooled version. SOLD elsewhere. Thanks, Steve Ball
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    Parts For Sale Shop Cleaning

    All camlocs SOLD. Thanks, Steve
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    Parts For Sale Shop Cleaning

    Looks like I still have 6 0f the cam locks left. Thanks, Steve