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    Clear coat

    2K High gloss works very well. Make sure 1st coat is a mist coat. 2nd coat light. They dry super quick and you won't get issues with the spray can color.
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    Praying for Al Waters

    Get well Al.
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    A couple fun paint jobs

    A few boats that I got to paint back in the day.... Unlimited Light UL-8. 2006 U-21 Miss Sympatico. Burned to waterline in Seattle. Boat was destroyed 2007 new build U-21 Freedom racing. Blew over in 2014
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    Shading technique

    Let the light color dry first. You don't want the colors to bleed into each other. play around with the cardboard. vary the distance off the surface until you get the look you want. 1-2'ish works for me.
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    Shading technique

    If you have a steady hand, you can hold a piece of cardboard about an inch off the surface, make a pass with darker color. Move it down and do it again. It gives a very straight blend line and keeps dark color from going everywhere. I use my detail gun to do it. I don't seem to have steady...
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    Turtle wax polishing compound

    If it doesn't buff out, and you have to re-coat it, I would wet sand it. I don't believe polishing compound has silicone.
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    Lettering with border

    I used frisket film long ago in Advertising school that I went to. Great for airbrushing artwork. A lot of work though. I never thought about it for boat painting. Seems to work very well for you. I'll never forget, my teacher stuck frisket to a balloon, and cut a line down the frisket where it...
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    K&B one cubes

    Did anyone ever make an aftermarket rod for these?
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    Lettering with border

    coud you put the red Coors on the boat and use 1/8th fineline tape exactly around rhe red? Spray the black, peel tape off the white paint and clear it. Will the Frisket give you a perfect edge like the fineline tape would?
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    Let’s see those paint booths

    Well thats a bit nicer than my tent booth. The tent works great though.
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    Anyone know what year and master hull # this boat is?

    1980 U-12 Budweiser backup boat. Henry Velasco makes a great version of that hull.
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    Klass Kote Greens

    Always fog on first coat. It always helps with incompatibility issues and sticks much better. Just think of what a pain in the A%$ it is to clean over spray off of something. "One good coat of paint" is never a good coat of paint.
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    Klass Kote Greens

    Harbor freight digital scale. cheap and a perfect mix every time.
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    Let’s see those paint booths

    Amazon. Under $100.00. Sets up in 60 seconds Windows down for venting. Simple bug free finish. Wear your respirator.