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    2013 NAMBA Nationals

    As best as I remember... Round 4, only 1 boat started. Round 3 there was an accident so there was a DQ and Al got 4 place points. Rob started but DNF for 25 points.
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    2013 NAMBA Nationals

    Namba race results are here...
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    Sport 40 namba nat winner

    Thanks guys, having a great time at the races. Race results are here...
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    JAE 45 ski mods

    I got enough info thanks. MikeP
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    JAE 45 ski mods

    Thanks for the drawings Paul, This info is very timely for my build. I have already made a ski and was wondering how to modify it. Without 2 angles it would be quite a long ski. The 10" at 2deg then 4deg. looks just right. MikeP
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    Happy Birthday Mike P

    Thanks everybody, turning out to be a good day! MikeP
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    JAE 45 build (no wood)

    Terry, That is used to mold a rear transom with the strut and rudder mounts included. Using CF tow it is very strong and there are no nuts and bolts going through the transom. Here is a picture of one more complete
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    JAE 45 build (no wood)

    Thanks for the kind words. Winter has arrived here this weekend with a foot of snow, I guess it is officially winter building season. I got quite a bit of work done on the JAE and put up some more pictures of the progress. Thanks for looking and any comments are welcome. -MikeP
  9. 2012-11-10_16_28_40.jpg


  10. 2012-11-10_16_06_20.jpg


  11. 2012-11-10_16_05_59.jpg


    I can do most of the building before joining the top.
  12. 2012-11-10_15_17_10.jpg


    This will get stuffed with carbon tow, quite tedious but makes a killer part.
  13. 2012-11-10_15_04_22.jpg


  14. 2012-11-10_15_03_36.jpg


  15. 2012-11-10_12_27_24.jpg


    This is going to be a mold for the rear transom