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    JAE .21 GT-TD

    It is yours Mark send me your add. I will look at shipping and get back
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    JAE .21 GT-TD

    .21 GT - TD sponsons stuffing tube is in water tube is in. Sanded and sealed also a precut cowl not in the pic. $ 295.00 + shipping
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    Need a retrieval boat

    Don't know how that got so big. That boat 12 feet of fishing line and a ball
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    What is everyone doing???

    Just put Klotz in my lawnmower and cut the grass the sweet smell made me feel better
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    In search of a few boats

    I have 2 zippkits JAE .21 GT-TD and a .67 built and sealed If you want give me a shout for info
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    Blazer Marine Slingshot Build!

    Very nice, gona have get over and see it run
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    Tom David sponson mod

    Just call Joe at Zippkit and ask for the TD (Tom David) sponson kit
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    West Systems pumps

    cut the finger out of a latex glove and slip it over the end of the pump works for me
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    model flyers need your help

    Do you have a link?
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    NEW JAE.12GT makes a lite .21 hull

    I think that's gona be cool
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    Rossi Glow Plugs

    Al, give me 2 packs of the R4 1629 state st Columbus In. 47201
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    K&B Only Class - Pipe Testing

    I am very happy with the Zipp pipe. I also think what you guys are doing is awesome. Just wish I wasn't so far away. I have a K&B in a rigger by the (neb) That's necked eye ball don't think I hit 50 with it maybe 45 and couldn't turn any of the abc 17s Great job!
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    JAE 12G4

    call Zip kit the sponsons have never changed