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    .21 OB things I do not need

    Just letting you know I received the props from you yesterday . Thank You
  2. Mike Starrett

    Kneeler Runabout

    That's right. There was a set on here (or maybe fb) for sale a few days ago and I said I'd take them but I was apparently not the first to want them.
  3. Mike Starrett

    Kneeler Runabout

    Mike, Thank You, but I'm looking for a runabout. I already have a hydro.
  4. Mike Starrett

    .21 OB things I do not need

    Money Sent Thanks, Mike Starrett 504 Park Ridge Rd Georgetown, In 47122
  5. Mike Starrett

    Kneeler Runabout

    Has anyone built one of these or know of some plans for one? Something in a 1/4 scale size, say 34" r so?
  6. Mike Starrett

    .21 OB things I do not need

    I'll take the 1516 and the 1515. How do I pay?
  7. Mike Starrett

    SOLD.....Class C Racing Runabout Plans

    I would like to buy your plans. Please PM me payment info.
  8. Mike Starrett

    Canopy vinyl windshield

    Monojeff. I don't have contact info but he does vinyl windshields for about everything.
  9. Mike Starrett

    2 - PX-335

    I did it this way then put shrink tubing over the tubing and wire.
  10. Mike Starrett

    FE Whiplash

    Thanks guys. Mike
  11. Mike Starrett

    FE Whiplash

    Its a stock 2000 kv pro boat motor. I need that motor to make class.
  12. Mike Starrett

    FE Whiplash

    Wondering what would be a good prop for this P-spec Whiplash? Plan is to run 2 x 7200 2s packs in series. Thanks
  13. Mike Starrett

    need radio box

    I could build you a nice wood box. I've built a ton of boxes for RTR's
  14. Mike Starrett

    20/40 Nitro Whiplash cowl

    I have this uncut Whiplash cowl I no longer need. $55 shipped in US
  15. Mike Starrett

    Zippkits SS mono

    Ok , Give me a couple days to get a box and get it packed. I've got a bunch of stuff going on the next two days. I'll send you my PayPal when it's ready to go to the PO. Thanks, Mike