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    Choosing a 3d printer

    Multiple Prusa’s and Caribou here, very happy with them, no failures on my printers. Waiting for the Prusa XL to ship 👌 Tried Raise3D and Goodoo3D machines, they were beaten to the floor by Prusa.
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    WTB Andy Brown CNC props

    It`s going slow, I`ve been waiting close to 3 years for my order
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    Parts Wanted OS 9B carb wanted

    Crank up the offer to $150-160, they tend to pop up a lot easier then 👍
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    Parts Wanted Aeromarine mounting brackets
  5. Joern Markset

    Sold O.S. 9 B

    Yeah, you missed it by a large margin ;)😅 I`m sorry :)
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    Sold Change your thread marker when you sell

    Yes, «found» is a better prefix 👌
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    Parts For Sale O.S. Lower Unit for FE

    Those will be hard to get, don`t know why Tower even has it listed as this unit was discontinued in 2020.
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    Sold Change your thread marker when you sell

    There could have been an "items got" or "got it" prefix as well :)
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    Parts For Sale CMB 91 > Lawless adapter

    I still have adapters in stock, ready to ship
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    Cozy: my fast electrics

    You make a lot of very nice stuff, looks like you are very enthusiastic :)
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    Sold Lawless Cutthroat drive

    New Lawless Cutthroat drive. In addition to complete drive with 5 flexcables, there is a custom jackplate, complete CMB 91 RS EVO conversion kit including bearing and throttle cable holder for CMB 91 Price is USD 525,- shipping to you is included in this price. Paypal or international...
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    Sold CMB 45 RS EVO Outboard

    Yes, in that area, changes from day to day.