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    Octura X 450 3 blade

    After years of being out of stock Finally got the Octura X 450 3 blades back in stock You can order them from the link below.
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    Aeromarine is back

    I have them in stock
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    Aeromarine is back

    I have a bunch of Aeromarine shafts in stock.
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    Swordfish ESC??

    Allan I have Fliers in stock
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    Parts For Sale Cooper Pipes

    Hello Frank Going out in the morning. USPS 9405503699300128793845 Thank you.
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    Parts For Sale Cooper Pipes

    PayPal is [email protected] Make it$80 Make sure your address is in the PayPal or PM me your address will get it sent tomorrow for you
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    Parts For Sale Cooper Pipes

    Pipe #1 90 cooper never used $70 Pipe #2 67 cooper never used $70 Pipe #3 90 cooper used $50 15 1/2 long 7/8 inlet 1/2 stinger Pipe #4 80 cooper used $50 14 3/4 long 7/8 inlet 7/16 stinger plus shipping
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    Boats For Sale Seaducer 33 P mono

    I have a Purple Metal Flake 33 P mono. Comes with a TP 4060 1950 KV motor Swordfish 220 amp ESC Steering servo, prop, shaft. Just need to add your battery's and radio. The boat has a little chip on the port side chine. The boat was raced in the District last year. It has won many races...
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    Seaducer Fuel for the Winter Nitro Championships

    If anyone needs fuel for the Winter Nitro Championships prices this year have gone down a little. You can call Rose at 954 493 7387 or Text me 954 326 7613 or email [email protected] to place your order. Please don't wait till the last minute to place you order. Prices are 50% $39.00...
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    Seaducer Boats Online

    Seaducer now has a lot more Electric boat items and product's in stock. We are a Flier dealer with 200, 250, 300, and 400 amp ESC in stock. Lots Aeromarine flex shafts in stock. If you want a new boat we can do that also with the out the long waits like other boat manufactures. Why wait...
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    New Seaducer SD4 34 inch P Mono

    The New SD4 P mono is here. Its a completely New bottom designed just for the added weight of the electric set ups. The boat is 34 inches long. Comes with a Carbon Bottom like all my boats. More info is at
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    Flex Shafts

    I now have Aeromarine Flexshafts back in stock. You can order them from the Seaducer Boats Web site below. Seaducer Boats
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    Parts For Sale 21 aftermarket Carburetor

    I pop in once and awhile. Was actually here to get Walt's Email for a customer and I just happened to click on that post. Its a carb made by a guy that used to live in Ft Myers I have a few and wanted a spare.
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    Parts For Sale 21 aftermarket Carburetor

    I will take it what's your paypal.