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    Silent Engines Randy Premo

    R.I.P Randy Prayers go out to the family.
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    Indy/Cinci Race

    Bruce You have a PM
  3. dave roach

    Cmb LS 21

    Try Stu Barr, Stu a CMB dealer Dave
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    What do you like for a soldering iron

    Grim That will solder a printed board .LOL
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    Gary You have a PM with shipping details.
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    Gary I will take it .Send me your paypal
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    Solved Matched case to sleeve. Need help with O.S XM cylinder .

    David I can turn your sleeve to match the case. Dave Roach
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    Pipe length and prop recommendation. stealth with old Rossi gold head .R21 outboard with irwin pipe.

    Set the pip[e from the center of the glow plug to the weld at the widest part of the pipe at 8;00 inches
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    Celina Summer Challenge

    Gary. A 4xl for me please
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    Irwin Pipe

    Found a pipe Dave
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    Irwin Pipe

    Rich How much you asking for it.Send me phone number in a PM. Dave
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    Fuel filters?

    I do the same as Al and never had a problemI filter my fuel using three finest paint strainers and filter it 5 times.
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    Irwin Pipe

    Hi Rich Can you send me a picture of the Irwin2.5 band uncut. Dave
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    Irwin Pipe

    Mike send me a picture Dave