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    Parts For Sale Orlic prop pitch gage

    You can donate to my cause
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    Makin’ stuff

    Steve If I had a machine like that setting in my garage you bet your sweet ass it would be making money and not setting idle.
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    Phone is lost

    Walt I just called your number and some sweet thing answer the phone.
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    Anyone got a thread micrometer?

    That's were rubber bands come in handy
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    Silent Engines (Mr. Doug Twaits Sr. ) Passed Away Last Night

    Sorry to here the passing of Doug Sr.Condolencs to Twaits family.
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    CMB 2021 Fall Nationals Race Opening Up for Entries Wednesday August 11

    Nothing like post a big race 1 1/2 months before the race and people trying to make plans.This races should have been post 3-4 months ago so people could make plans.
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    Wine Run

    Great race , nice weather and good friends .
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    Prayers needed Stan Simpson

    Get well soon MR Simpson
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    Parts For Sale 21 Bouchie pipe

    Julian Has that pipe been cut at the header end.looks short.
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    Newest Member of the IMPBA Hall of Fame

    Congrats Dick Long Over do
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    CMB 2021 Fall Race

    I would like to know also to make plans Dave Roach
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    Convert your propane flow meter to air.

    Look at Harbor freight tools for the box
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    Flow Meters

    Bill Sounds to me that you are comparing apples and oranges .with are flow meter.
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    Flow Meters For Sale!

    Rippinwater Contact Kevin at [email protected] We have about 5 flow meters.. in the making right now. the price is on the first page. Dave