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While I no longer Race, Here is an assortment of my Race prepared props. They are little tarnished from sitting in my case. Most of them were prepared by Andy.


The price is $15ea. plus $2.50 shipping. Buy more then 1 shipping is still $2.50 US only. Actual shipping to any other countries


Paypal is: https://www.paypal.me/BrianW49


1- S250 SOLD

1- S245 SOLD

1- S260 SOLD

1- ABC 47X63 SOLD

1- S265 SOLD

3- X450 (SOLD)

2- X450/3 (1 SOLD)

3- X447/3 (SOLD)

1- S240 SOLD

1- X448 SOLD

1- X447 SOLD

1- Y547 SOLD

1- ABC 55X66 SOLD

1- X452 SOLD

1- X445 SOLD

1- X452/3 SOLD

1- X440/3 SOLD

2- X455

1- X460/3

1- P767/3

1- X460



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If the x450 3 blades are the same so I could run them on a twin I will take them


I no longer have my pitch gauge to check.. some of my props were modified..

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