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eagle twin w/mac 84s

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#31 ace


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Posted 19 May 2018 - 03:57 PM

Remember if the front of the boat is lifting from the sponsons top angle not being correct. It will plant the ass end.

The top of the front sponson has a lot to do with how the boat balances.

Forget about the bottom it is what it is. If it is not right or you want to change it get a new sponson made.

When the boat gets to speed with the high rake prop it will shift the balance to the back. with a slight nose down on the sponson it will shift it forward.

The boat is like a teeter totter it will move where pressure is applied.

With some tips down and just a small strut change you will find the sweet spot.

Just don't over do one or the other a little bit will do it.

start from scratch....tub level sponson tips down 1 deg strut on table with 1.5 deg in it. 

Strut angle is a adjustment for the differences in props.

If you think you don't need to adjust the strut angle and height with different props you are lost........................Time to find some thing new to play with.

David my boat is fine without those props , done all that you have said , am playing with different props , I run out of ideas for making those props work cant say i tried , i have wasted alot of time an gone backwards with boat handling not speed . but give it time I will stew it over in my mind for a while an maybe come back an revise , the universe goes in cycles maybe next cycle it will work  B)  B)  

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Posted Yesterday, 02:42 PM

Just sharing what I have found messing with them. 

I think it is more of forgetting what you have learned and start with a open mind.

Like I said don't over think it. It is much more fun that way.

#33 julianconde


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Posted Yesterday, 05:39 PM

i have tested the 2717,2719,2721,2817,2819,2821's all the props are faster than the 1667 i used to use on my 101 Twin. what i have seen testing the props on my RR Twin 101 is the following. with the 2717 and the 2719 the boat ran great no handling issues, turns on the dime does everything its suppose to with a normal needle setting.


ran the 2817's and 2819's speeds went up handling was great had to give a little length on the pipes, richen the motors a bit more and bam it was a rocket very happy with the boat no adjustments to the setup or any changes other than pipe length and richer needle.


NOW heres when it changed when i put the 2821's boat took off like a rocket turn excellent but it wanted to blow over at the end of the straight away dropped the struts kept the same angle originally set by ralph other than took them deeper bam problem fixed handling the boat felt the same to me..


 then i ran the 2721's and wow faster than the 2821's ran flawless put a richer needle just to be safe and i was very impressed.


you have to change your hole boat setup to run these new ABC props. if i was to pick a prop to heat race with it would be a 2719 or 2817 no need to go bigger. the speeds using the props are very good now ralph has used 2817 in heat racing with great success.


the testing was done with a Roadrunner Twin Extreme CMB 101's, 12'' on the pipe and 60% Otto fuel with Ralph as my Pitman.


My Roadrunner Twin extreme 45 loves the new ABC props i really did not have to make any changes to the struts just needle changes and move the pipes longer other than that it was a very fast and great handling boat..


my Carbon fiber Twin 101 loved any prop i put on it as stated above other than minor changes to the struts and added angles to them because this twin does not have front end adjustment after that it was very happy and pulled any prop we thru at it big or small.. but that boat is now a permanent shelve queen.

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#34 dwilfong


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Posted Yesterday, 06:48 PM

Thy are not stock props...................................all have the woop or cup adjusted on them.

That is the KEY...........................